Published on August 22 2016

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Published on July 2 2016

This is the best choice for US traders - Finpari. Minimum deposit is 250$, you get 20% bonus. When you deposit 3000$ for example you get 100% bonus - 6000$ for trading!

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Published on June 18 2016

Exchange your funds from Paxum to Payza and vice versa. Exchange to OKpay, Payeer, Perfectmoney, BTC and many more currencies.

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Published on June 2 2016

The miracle of the team, Magnum, Mansour Barnaoui could take a further step in its short but oh how much successful career.

Our man will fight for belt lightweight Polish organization of the KSW a.i., on 27 May next in Gdansk. Maher will meet with local, Mateusz Gamrot: a fighter claiming an impressive record of 10-0 at just 25 years old. Bet on KSW 36 -

Bala has one of the finest accomplishments in Europe while holding belt of the English promotion of the BAMMA as well as the M - 1, the prestigious Russian organization. In arriving at the triple, Mansour could break a record with belts of the three most beautiful promotions of MMA in Europe.

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Published on April 20 2016

Proxies and VPN (Virtual Private Network) are two technologies that allow you to surf the internet anonymously, protecting your privacy by hiding your IP address. For the record, an IP address is a number assigned by your ISP to your computer when you connect to the web. This number is identifiable and provides contact information that you have left to your ISP.

What is a proxy?

A proxy server is a computer that provides to the customer an indirect internet connection, which avoids that uses it to go through its own internet connection. Instead, the user connects to the proxy server.

What is a VPN?

It is a technology that creates a secure connection for the user, using sophisticated encryption means. The goal is to prevent any malicious interception of internet connection and data. VPNS are often used to disseminate information to a wide population.

Proxies free or pay?

We talk here about proxies pay and private non-free public proxies can be found on the internet but which are sometimes of poor quality:

1 / they do not always work and are not always reliable

2 / many users around the world can use them, what makes them so "grilled" by some websites that recognize them immediately and can ban them.

Compare VPN and proxies

If you simply want to remain anonymous on the internet, both methods are valid and will provide the same security. The two methods hide your real IP address. Your traffic will appear as coming from another server, and the true source (your computer and your internet connection) will not be able to be moved.

Some differences, however:

1 / a proxy must be configured within the application that you use to connect to the internet (for example you must return its references within your internet browser or other software that connects you to the web). This has three consequences:

-Firstly, all software do not allow the use of a proxy.

-Then all other applications that will access internet outside the proxy will reveal your real IP.

-Finally, even within the internet browser using the proxy, Flash, Java, JS, and Active X applications will not be taken into account by the proxy and display your true identity.

2 / a VPN, in contrast, made through him all of your traffic, which does not restrict you to any particular application. All your applications will access to the internet via VPN: configured in your OS, it is therefore a complete system. A VPN is also a bit safer because it encrypts the traffic through a tunnel 128 - bit (256 - bit according to VPN) between your computer and the server. The VPN also protects against malicious attacks: it is a filter. If you need Ticketmaster proxies, watch this video:


1 / it all depends on the use you want. If you want only to remain anonymous, a proxy may be sufficient and it is easier to use since there's nothing to install: only to return the address of the proxy in your browser or in your software that accesses the internet.

2 / However if you want to be anonymous but at the same time to protect all your data, a VPN is required. It is also useful for users who often connect to public Wi - Fi spots.

Another advantage compared to the VPN proxy

It is easy to use multiple proxies and not one: free public proxies or other private fee-paying, it is best to always have a dozen available. As such, it is not difficult to toggle proxies, as public proxies lists are changed every minutes; You can find thousands on the internet. The advantage is the following: your IP address will be never the same since you regularly change proxy. This can be useful for preventing a site ban you because it will not recognize you.

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Published on January 18 2016

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Published on January 15 2016

I found awesome plece to buy premium wordpress themes for cheap, read more here: Bisserie's wp themes source

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Published on January 8 2016

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Published on November 18 2015

It's very easy method. Simply buy stuff on Seoclerks and resell it on Fiverr. Even noob can do it. No website required. It's easy to find similar gigs on both websites, just watch video below:

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Published on October 22 2015 ist vielleicht nicht der bekanntesten Buchmacher 1 aber das ist nicht zu sagen, dass auch sie gute Wetten mit optimalen Wett-Quoten. Die live-Wette bei ist relativ einfach und wenn Sie gerne Wetten auf den Gewinner dann Sie nicht, um in die Website zu surfen müssen und mit 2-3 Klicks Sie Ihre Lieblings-Kombinationen können.

Statistiken auf

Die Statistiken, dass der bietet der schönen klaren und so einfaches zu verwenden, wenn Sie Wetten entscheiden. Erhalten Sie eine Liste, in der Sie sehen wie viele Gewinne und Verluste der beiden Teams haben gewonnen, die letzten 5 Spiele und auch, wie viel Gewinne und Verluste sie gegeneinander hatten, wie Sie oben sehen.

Wetten Statistiken

Wenn Sie Herunterfahren eine Wette auf die 1 x 2, dann diese Statistiken kein Luxus und daher auch sehr gut als nützlich in den Entscheidungen, die Sie treffen möchten. Wie viele von uns schon, für wissen eine Weile ist die Bet365 Bonus nicht mehr verfügbar für Niederländisch durch niederländische Verordnung öffentlich daher können wir noch machen das Beste aus den Wetten Bonus, die ein sehr schöne Extra ist Wetten. Natürlich können Sie auch diese Statistiken in der über und unter Ziele-Anzahl der Wetten Sie auch verwenden, wie die Ergebnisse der vorangegangenen Wettbewerbe in der Übersicht angezeigt werden.

Wetten Bonus

Wie wir bereits erwähnt, die Bonus-Wetten auch von relativ guter Qualität. Erhalten Sie einen Bonus bis zu maximal 200 Euro. Die 400 Euro, die Sie benötigen haben als 5mal um Spiel gegen ungerade 1.6, was an sich ein Zitat ist OK ist, da gibt es andere Buchmacher gibt, in denen Sie mindestens ein Angebot von 2,00 Lage macht es viel komplizierter, die Prämie Rondgespeeld erhalten.

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